Police Complaint Records


You can use these pages to learn about complaints against individual police officers with departments in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. This information was obtained through Minnesota Data Practices Act requests.

For Minneapolis police, at this time there are three sources of complaints: the Civilian Review Authority (CRA), the Internal Affairs Division (IAD) of the police department, and the Office of Police Conduct Review (OPCR). The CRA was shut down by the city in November of 2012. For other police departments, data comes primarily from Internal Affairs.

Many of the complaints listed have a finding of “no probable cause,” “dismissed,” “exonerated,” etc. You should be aware that these agencies have a high rate of not finding for the person making the complaint. For example, the annual report of the CRA for 2000 shows that of 1,373 complaints received in about 10 years, only 116 were found to have “probable cause” for investigation. Of those, only 41 claims of police misconduct were sustained in 10 years. In more recent years, the CRA has done a better job of sustaining complaints but the majority are still not sustained. Moveover, Minneapolis Internal Affairs Division sustained only TWO complaints from community members in that same ten year period, despite receiving many hundreds of complaints. Perhaps you should consider the number of complaints rather than just the outcome.

To review the complaint record of a police officer, click on his or her name on the list on the appropriate page. If an allegation is sustained and the chief took disciplinary action, the nature of the allegation is included. Under MN Data Practices Act guidelines, the agencies are not permitted to disclose the nature of allegations that are not sustained or not disciplined. Consequently, complaints on this list are for a variety of allegations–everything from brutality and excessive force to ethics violations to showing up late for work. Unless the complaint was sustained and disciplined, we are not able to learn the nature of the complaint. However, for those complaints that are sustained and disciplined, we are in the process of adding PDF files of the complaint documents to this website.

We have submitted requests for the complaint records of every police officer in Minneapolis. They will be added as they are received. A blank table indicates that we have not heard from the agency on the specific police officer or that we have not yet input the information (it must be added by hand). We also plan to add information on St. Paul police and officers with surrounding suburbs. THESE PAGES ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you do not see the name of the police officer you are trying to research, email us at mgresist@minn.net and we will send you what we have in our files.

Please Note: According to records received from IAD, more than one officer can have the same badge number. Police officers in various towns may share badge numbers with officers in other towns.

Please Note: Information presented may be outdated, as all information displayed was obtained from past Minnesota Data Practices Act requests, and the status of as officer, or the status of a complaint or case number, may have changed. We will update these files as soon as possible, and are currently in the process of obtaining current information from the Minneapolis Police Department. As of July 28, 2014, we are in the process of updating all Minneapolis Police Officer pages, and as such, listings of many officers do not contain complaints information. Please contact CUAPB if you have inquiries about specific officers.

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