Stolen Lives

Stolen Lives are people who have lost their lives through encounters with law enforcement agencies, including police and highway patrol, sheriff’s departments and jails.  This list is not all-inclusive and is added to regularly through research.  Cases range from 1984 but there is much more information available about cases from 2000 (the year CUAPB formed) through the present. These people can no longer speak for themselves. We must speak for them. 

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Minnesota Stolen Lives Names 2014

Highlighted cases

Although a majority of Minnesota police brutality takes place in a broader context of the nationwide epidemic of police violence and race profiling, where victims are predominantly people of color, police brutality respects no boundaries.

  • Barbara Schneider, a white woman suffering from mental illness, was shot to death after Minneapolis police officers rammed through her locked apartment door and forcefully entered her bedroom. Their reason: she was playing her radio too loudly.
  • Artis Graham, a 35-year-old African-American man, died six days after being brutally beaten with flashlights and batons by St. Paul police officers while his hands were cuffed behind his back. He had been stopped for a traffic violation. Police allege Artis was fleeing police in his car.
  • Alfred "Abuka" Sanders, another African-American man, was gunned down on November 1, 2000 by Minneapolis police officers while trapped helplessly in his car in the alley near his home, after being followed by police and an Augsburg College security guard, for allegedly driving erratically. Police fired 33 rounds of ammunition at Alfred, striking his body at least 16 times. He was unarmed and had committed no crime.
  • Fong Lee, 18, was shot 8 times in the back by Minneapolis police officer Jason Andersen as he ran away after Andersen rammed Fong’s bike with his squad car. Police claim he was armed and a gang member but witnesses and his family dispute this and a video on the scene showed that his hands were empty. The gun found on the scene had been in police custody up until the incident and although Fong’s hands were bloody and damaged, none of his DNA was on the gun. Also on the scene was a state trooper who felt no need to draw his weapon.

Cases are listed in alphabetical order by last name.  For more information, contact Communities United Against Police Brutality.

Click on each name below to read a short biography.

Hanna Abukar; 4/6/2008, Minneapolis
Zachary J. Adrian; 10/24/2005, New Ulm
Chris Anderson; 4/16/2005, Minneapolis
Shaun Askelin; 5/3/2005, St Paul
Joseph Azuz; 12/28/2006, Eden Prairie
Mark C. Backlund; 1/15/2008, New Brighton
Louis W. Barrett, Jr.; 10/25/2006, Red Lake Indian Reservation
Jason P. Barsness; 4/7/2011, Columbus
Kyle Allan Baxter-Jensen; 12/4/2010, Stearns County Jail
Joshua Beacom; 1/20/2008, Woodbury
Christopher Michael Berge; 10/18/2009, Minnesota Correctional Facility, Faribault
Charles Berry; 3/11/1995, Wright County
James Blakkestad; 2/2/2007, Eagan
Theodore Bobo; 2/9/1992, Minneapolis
Brandon Brown; 11/28/2005, Mille Lacs County Jail
Franklin J. Brown; 5/15/2005, Bagley
Katie Burg; 11/1/2002, Apple Valley
Walter C. "Wally" Burks; 8/7/2003, Minneapolis
Christopher Burns; 11/1/2002, Minneapolis
Marcus James Burrell; 2/13/2008, Minneapolis
Mario Alejandro Molina Campos; 8/26/2008, Dodge Center
Joseph Anthony Carl; 8/6/2010, Duluth
Jeff Carlson; 11/27/1998, Minneapolis
John Charles Carr; 7/19/2010, St. Paul
Stephen James Carroll; 4/16/2011, Coon Rapids
Timothy Martin Casanova; 4/15/2011, Waite Park
Jeffrey Lee Clausen; 7/7/2010, Cottage Grove
Jason Clemenson; 1/24/2011, Windom
James Cobb; 6/9/2004, St. Paul
Steve Cole; 4/13/1994, Minneapolis
Walter Collins; 10/10/2003, Minneapolis
Charles Craighead; 12/3/2001, St. Paul
Delshawn Crawford; 5/12/2012, Minneapolis
David Croud; 10/18/2005, Duluth
Rocco Dandrea; 12/8/1999, Minneapolis
Robert D. Davis; 7/8/2011, Woodbury
Roger L. Davis; 4/12/2006, Minneapolis
Carolyn Lisa Dean; 5/2/2008, Minneapolis
Sara Deckert; 7/10/2011, Maple Grove
Benjamin DeCoteau; 1/22/2005, Minneapolis
Dana Dempsey; 10/2/2009, Big Lake
Gordon Denmark; 2/20/2009, Shakopee
Efrain Depaz; 4/28/2001, Minneapolis
Lorenzo Doby; 4/26/2004, Minneapolis
Walter Dochniak; 12/28/2002, St. Paul
Martha Donald; 8/1/2002, Minneapolis
Debra K. Doree; 9/3/2011, Woodbury
John Doyle; 10/19/2005, Hastings
Robert John Erle; 8/6/2009, Nymore
Brian Feist; 8/11/1996, Minneapolis
Dominic Felder; 9/21/2006, Minneapolis
Shane Ervin Fischer2/17/2013, St. Louis County Jail, Hibbing
Terrance Franklin5/10/2013, Minneapolis
James Fye; 11/21/2000, St. Paul (by Minneapolis Police)
Victor Terrance Gaddy; 10/23/2012, St. Paul
Randy Gallmeyer; 10/22/2007, St. Paul
Joseph A. Garcia; 10/6/2011, St. Paul
Donald Paul Gartner; 9/18/2007, St. Paul
Katherine Marie Gordon; 9/22/2011, Minnetonka
Walter Gordon; 1/18/2004, Stillwater

Artis Graham; 10/18/1998, St. Paul
Ahmed Gulad; 2/5/2009, Minneapolis
Steve Gunderson; 11/19/2003, New Brighton
Brian Anthony Handt; 12/18/2008, Roseville
Jerome Harrell; 2/24/2012, Stearns County Jail
William Hayek; 9/4/2002, St. Paul
Sean Hayes; 4/14/2000, Minneapolis
Tyler Heilman; 7/20/2009, Kasota
Jesse Heller; 5/14/2006, New Brighton
Marc Henderson; 8/31/2012, Woodbury
Rbu T. Henry-Bey; 8/31/2008, Apple Valley
Jonathan Hess; 8/25/2011, Mankato
Larry Hill; 3/19/1989, Apple Valley
Richard Hiltner; 11/27/2003, St. Cloud
Bill Hogetvedt; 11/19/2003, New Brighton
Renardo A. Holmes; 08/3/2006, St. Cloud
Frankie Howard; 09/2/2006, Maplewood
Kerry Howk; 11/5/1987, Minneapolis
Maria Inamagua; 04/4/2006, St. Paul
Kieber Jacome; 04/24/2005, Minneapolis
Abu Kassim Jeilani; 3/10/2002, Minneapolis
Steven Russell Jennings; 10/25/2011, Minneapolis
Patrick Glenn Jeske; 12/30/2010, Little Falls
Robert Jerome Jeske; 4/6/2009, St. Paul
Dale Johns; 4/28/1993, Minneapolis
Keith Allen Johnson; 3/22/2012, Apple Valley
Kenneth Kahle; 6/18/2010, Minneapolis
Thomas Leo Kantor; 1/1996, Benton County
Eric Kirk Kolski; 11/25/2008, Brooklyn Park
Chase Kolstad; 9/14/2011, Minnesota City
Theodore S. Kowalzek; 12/31/2009, Ham Lake
William Krawchuk; 3/17/2007, Becker
Dean Krueger; 11/8/2008, St. Louis County Jail
Joseph Kubat; 5/4/2008, St. Paul
Cody Laganiere; 9/24/2010, Olmstead County Jail
Stanley J. Larry; 1/28/1996, Minneapolis
David A. Laugerude; 1/25/2008, Rush City State Prison
Andrew Derek Layton; 1/5/2013, Mankato
William Duane Lazarro; 6/12/2013, Stillwater Prison
Fong Lee; 7/22/2006, Minneapolis
Richard LeGarde; 11/6/1994, Anishinabe Reservation
Gerald Lehn; 10/21/1997, St. Cloud
Kenneth Lloyd Lessley; 12/9/2003, Wadena
Shane Lynaugh; 11/14/2006, Maplewood
Basee Lor; 11/15/1989, Inner Grover Heights
Jeffrey Michael Magee; 9/1/2011, Stearns County Jail
James Mahaffey; 8/1/2008, Minneapolis (by Fridley police)
Wayne Malone; 11/17/2012, Roseville
Jason A. Martin; 11/3/2009, St. Louis Park
Jason Douglas McPherson; 4/13/2009, Detroit Lakes
Shawn Mettler; 1/22/1994, Little Canada
Mary Ann Meyer; 7/8/2011, New Ulm
Ryan Dwight Mosher; 6/15/2003, Foley
Mitchell Moua; 2/12/2007, St. Paul
Tycel Nelson; 12/1/1990, Minneapolis
Jeffrey O'Connor; 10/5/2012, Richfield
Perry Parks; 6/1/2000, Woodbury
Quincy Adam Pederson; 8/3/2010, Grand Marais
Dr. Kenneth Peterson; 10/31/2007, Grand Marais
Kyle Jason Peterson; 11/17/2008, Crow Wing County Jail
Thomas D. Peterson; 2/25/1998, Bloomington
Zachary Paul Rodney Premo; 6/11/2013, Duluth
Joe Reuter; 12/18/1998, Cass Lake
Mark Richards; 8/21/1987, Minneapolis
Timothy Ridge; 8/1/2008, Minneapolis (by Fridley police)
Phillip Ray Robinson; 1/27/2008, Golden Valley (by New Hope police)
Brandon Lee Rodriguez; 7/10/2008, Hastings
Johnnie B. Rogers; 1/23/2004, St. Paul

Ivan Romero Olivares; 5/10/2013, Minneapolis
Roza Sakina; 8/16/2013, St. Paul
Calvin Sam; 4/8/1994, Minneapolis
Alfred Charles "Abuka" Sanders; 11/1/2000, Minneapolis
Daniel Schlienz; 12/27/2011, Duluth
Barbara Schneider; 6/12/2000, Minneapolis
Sal Saran Scott; 9/21/1984, Minneapolis

Xavius Scullark-Johnson; 6/29/2010, Rush City Prison
Demitreus Sesler; 4/2/2001, Minneapolis
William Shotley; 1/24/1994, Stillwater Prison
Abdullah K. Simmons; 7/29/2001, Minneapolis
Mark Patrick Sinclair; 5/11/1987, South St. Paul
Brian Skold; 5/27/2007, Alexandria
Lloyd Smalley; 1/25/1989, Minneapolis
David Cornelius Smith; 9/17/2010, Minneapolis
Quincy DeShawn Smith; 12/9/2008, Minneapolis
Brody Sotona; September 9, 2013, Minneapolis
Gregory Stampley; 1/21/1994, Stillwater Prison
Jenni Stebleton; 8/22/2000, Minneapolis
Jacob T. Stellmach; 6/6/2009, Virginia
Amanda Thomas; 12/5/2010, Minneapolis
Andre Thomas; 12/5/2010, Minneapolis
Akeron Thomas; 12/5/2010, Minneapolis
Michael Max Truchinski; 7/24/1998, Crosby
Unidentified Homeless Man; 4/1/2008, Minneapolis
Unidentified Man; 8/5/2005, Minneapolis
Unidentified Man; 5/1/2007, West St. Paul
Unidentified Man; 10/2/2009, Elk River
Unidentified Man; 9/13/2010, Rochester
Unidentified Man; 4/17/2012, Columbia Heights
Unidentified Woman; 9/9/2006, Redwood County Jail
Unidentified Woman; 5/7/2012, Hennepin County Jail
Patrick Uzalac; 3/3/2010, Clear Lake, IA (after release from Ramsey County Jail)
Edward Van Kleek; 12/10/2004, Pequot Lakes
Shoua Vang; 4/18/2009, St. Paul (by Roseville police)
Darwin Vivar; 4/24/2005, Minneapolis
Eric Von Netters; 5/7/2003, Minneapolis
Thomas Vosburgh; 1/1/2008, Mankato
Wang Moua Vue; 11/14/2008, State Correctional Facility, St. Cloud
Jeremiah Robert Wall; 7/10/2011, Maple Grove
William Wallace; 8/30/2007, Dakota County
Hosie Walton, Jr.; 1/16/1987, Minneapolis
Lillian Weiss; 1/25/1989, Minneapolis
Michael Harold Wessels; 7/7/2004, Minneapolis
Gordon Wheeler; 6/24/2008, Little Falls
Duante Lashun White; 4/5/2012, Hennepin County Workhouse
Gerald O'Neill Whitten; 7/15/1987, Minneapolis
Anthony M. Williams; 8/28/2003, Minneapolis
Courtney Williams; 10/24/2004, Minneapolis
Kesha Williams; 1/31/1996, Minneapolis
Robert T. Wilson; 3/29/2010, Cottage Grove
Scott Richard Winder; 6/25/1987, St. Paul
Dante Wright; 5/31/2012, Brooklyn Center
Steve Winkel; 12/5/1998, Minneapolis
Brian Wichmann; 7/18/2011, New Ulm
Chue Xiong; 10/23/2012, St. Paul
Jason Yang; 11/13/2010, Minneapolis
Ki Yang; 9/29/2002, St. Paul
Thia Yang; 11/15/1989, Inner Grover Heights
Raymond Ziegler; 2/12/2004, Minneapolis