11/16/2014 Newsletter


  • Emergency Actions Day After Ferguson Grand Jury Decision
  • KKK Raising Funds for Wilson, Threatening to Kill Ferguson Protesters
  • Police Terrorize Elementary School Kids to Test Reactions in "Active Shooter" Drill

MN Solidarity Actions: Demand Justice in Ferguson and Beyond

After the August 9 murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson, MO cop Darren Wilson, city leaders have been looking for a way to give Wilson a free pass. They’re doing this with a grand jury, a secret process in which the prosecutor has total control over the outcome.

A decision by the grand jury is expected any day now. Already in Ferguson, the National Guard and police have brought in military vehicles and weapons. Clearly they know what the outcome will be. The community also needs to be ready—to let it be known that we DO NOT ACCEPT the results of a phony process and that WE DEMAND JUSTICE!

The day after a grand jury decision in Ferguson:

Student Rally to Demand Justice for Victims of Police Brutality
3:00 pm
University of Minnesota
Coffman Union

Students will come together to speak out against police brutality and demand accountability and then take the light rail together to the Minneapolis solidarity action.

Minneapolis Solidarity Action Rally and March
Starting 4:30 pm
Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct
Lake Street & Minnehaha Ave

Join the community for a rally and march to demand justice in Ferguson and beyond.

Sponsored by Communities United Against Police Brutality, Students United Against Police Brutality, TC Save the Kids

Endorsed by Asamblea de Derechos Civiles, Women Against Military Madness, AntiWar Committee, Welfare Rights Committee, Socialist Alternative, STK Radio, Augsburg College STK, Institute for Critical Animal Studies, USlam, OccupyMN, Academy for Peace Education, Outdoor Empowerment, Wisdom Behind the Walls, Poetry Behind the Walls, Duluth STK, Arissa Media Group, Vigilant Promotions, MN Hip Hop Coalition, Support VIPS, Progress Foundation, Prosaic Minds Movement, Total Liberation Radio, NotYourMascot MN, Idle No More-TC, Stop Racial Profiling, Northwoods Revolution: Minnesota Ogichidaag Light Brigade, National Forum on Judicial Accountability, Crimes of the Century Radio, and others.

To be notified of the date of the events, sign up at cuapb.org or send an email to [email protected]Click here for a printable flyer.

KKK Raising Funds for Wilson, Threatening to Kill Ferguson Protesters

The KKK has played a key role in support efforts for Darren Wilson, the cop who killed Michael Brown in an incident that has touched off widespread protests about police brutality.  In their latest stunt, they have been making the rounds of mainstream media calling Ferguson protesters "terrorists" and threatening to kill them in the aftermath of an announcement about the grand jury decision.  Shame on the media for giving them the airtime.  Go here to see a copy of their flyer in which they justify the killing of protesters. 

Interesting that the Ferguson cops have spent big money on military equipment and arms and engaged in mass arrests of peaceful protesters but haven't shown the same interest in terroristic threats made by their klanner buddies.  Maybe it's because they have been at the center of efforts to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Wilson--the cops wouldn't want to bite the hand that feeds them.

Police Terrorize Elementary School Kids

Plain-clothes police officers burst into a classroom of the Jewitt Middle Academy in Winterhaven, FL pointing loaded guns at students to test their responses in an "active shooter" drill. Only the school's principle was aware of the drill.  Frightened children texted their parents during the incident, saying they thought they would be killed.  Parents were only notified of the incident by email after it was over.

Police claim they conducted the drill "for the safety of the children" and referred to it as "training" for the kids. It seems unlikely the parents sent their kids to school for that kind of an education.

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