Campaign For Professional Policing

Communities United Against Police Brutality's project, the Committee for Professional Policing, is working to require police officers to carry professional liability insurance. This will serve to reduce police brutality on several fronts.

The requirement of professional liability insurance in order to be employed as a peace officer in the city would:

  • act as a mechanism by which we can have officers with histories of brutality and misconduct removed from duty, thereby keeping that person from committing crimes under the protection of the police department; this functions through the insurance company, which will increase premiums and eventually determine that rogue officers are uninsurable
  • serve as a deterrent to officers taking actions that could result in a complaint against them, as this could cause a premium increase for the officer
  • prevent the taxpayers from having to foot the bill for police brutality cases, which costs taxpayers millions of dollars

Please see the Committee for Professional Policing website for more information, including how you can follow news of the campaign or get involved.

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