12/14/2015 Newsletter


  • Join CUAPB's 2016 Fight for Police Accountability

Join CUAPB's 2016 Fight for Police Accountability

CUAPB just celebrated our 15th anniversary and hundreds of Saturday meetings later, after advocating for over 1500 victims of police violence, and after prevailing in dozens of legal actions, we are now at a tipping point.
Wide swaths of people now care about the issue of police reform. Heading into 2016, we have the momentum, the facts, and the experience necessary to achieve real change.
In our local communities, police still assault, abuse and murder without consequence. Officers know this: is it any surprise that they terrorize our communities? It’s time for change, both at the Police Department and at City Hall. 
We’ve made huge strides: CUAPB won a lawsuit that required squad cameras for all Minneapolis police vehicles, codified the right of all people in the United States to film the police, and won numerous lawsuits that preserved public access to police complaint data. 
These kind of accomplishments have laid the groundwork. Now, with your financial support, we will go even further.

  • Join the fight to ensure body cam footage is classified as public data. The Police Federation and “bought off” politicians are eager to keep the footage secret, leaving the cameras completely useless as tools for holding police accountable,
  • Strengthen the political campaign to require Minneapolis police officers to carry their own professional liability insurance.  Taxpayers will no longer “cover the tab” for police misconduct. More details at insurethepolice.org.
  • Support our continued efforts to provide advocacy for brutalized victims. Our 24-hour hotline, as well as our CopWatch and CourtWatch programs, are essential for victims of police violence, and they make up a huge part of our yearly budget.


To our members, the lawyers we work with, survivors, whistleblower cops and, of course, our donors – we rely on you all to make our work possible.

Today I ask for your donation to advance our work. Join us as we fight for real reform in 2016, right here in the Twin Cities.

Donate before the end of the year by clicking on the button below. All gifts are securely processed through Paypal and directly support our efforts to hold police accountable.



For justice,
Michelle Gross
President, CUAPB

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