12/29/2015 Newsletter


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  • CUAPB's New App Provides "On the Fly" Info to Deal with Police


With 2015 coming to a close, and after 15 years of advocating for over 1500 victims of police violence and prevailing in dozens of legal actions, we are now at a tipping point and in need of your financial support.

Can you give $20.16 today to help support us in our fight against police brutality in 2016?

Huge battles are looming at City Hall and at the State Legislature, and we can’t win them without your financial support.

The Office of Police Conduct Review, the agency tasked with processing community member complaints, is completely ineffective in preventing police misconduct in Minneapolis.

Body cams will be completely useless as tools for holding cops accountable if police lobbyists and “bought-out” state legislators have their way. They are all too eager to keep the footage secret, out of the reach of the public.

We’ve made huge strides over the past 15 years: CUAPB won a lawsuit that put squad cameras in Minneapolis police vehicles, codified the right of all people in the United States to film the police, and won numerous lawsuits that preserved public access to police complaint data.

We have new goals, though, for 2016. We must, and will, support efforts at the State Legislature to ensure that body cam footage remains public. The OPCR is beyond repair. It must be scrapped and replaced with an effective community oversight body with subpoena power and the ability to discipline officers without the say of the Minneapolis Police Chief. And Minneapolis is set in 2016 to become the proving ground for a new concept in police accountability--requiring police officers to carry their own professional liability insurance. Committee for Professional Policing, a project initiated by CUAPB, is leading the way.

Thankfully, wide swaths of people in Minneapolis now care about the issue of police reform. CUAPB has the momentum and the experience to achieve real change.

Join us as we fight for real reform in 2016, right here in the Twin Cities.

Can you give $20.16 before January 1st?

Donate before the end of the year by clicking on the button below. All gifts are securely processed through Paypal and directly support our efforts to hold police accountable.


For justice,
Michelle Gross

President, CUAPB


Check out our new FREE app for dealing with police officers, knowing your rights, and reporting incidents of police brutality when they occur. 

Please help us spread the word about this wonderful tool to everyone who needs it.  The app works with Android devices and is available from Google Play.

We were very fortunate to work with an outstanding group of U of M students who developed this app as part of a class.  The developers are David Zirinsky, Ben Yingbin Liang, Stephen Peyton, Johnathan Kounthapanya, Joshua Varghese, and Shajiah Amin.  CUAPB expresses our gratitude to these students for working with us, taking our feedback into account, and creating an app that can help so many people in the community.

While this app only works on Android devices for now, we hope to have an iOS version (for iPhones) in the future.  We also plan to add the capacity for loading photos and videos directly through the app.  In the meantime, be sure to load Bambuser or another app to your device to send copwatch videos to the cloud to preserve them in case your mobile device is damaged or taken away by police.  You can then email your images to us for safe keeping.

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