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  • Getting Away with Murder: Panel Discussion on How Police Kill with Impunity
  • Ferguson Rally Report Back and Follow Up

GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER: How Police Kill with Impunity

Panel discussion on the tricks used by the system to cover for police who kill.

Monday, December 15

7:00 p.m.
4200 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis
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Panelists include:
  • Law Professor Peter Erlinder
  • Bettie Smith, Mother of Quincy Smith who was killed by Minneapolis Police
  • Law Professor Robin Magee
  • Jess Sundin on the grand jury process
In light of the faulty grand jury proceeding in the Ferguson, MO killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, it is time to learn about the legal and societal mechanisms that allow police to avoid accountability and actions the community can take to change police culture and increase police accountability.  Join us for an informative discussion.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the rally at the 3rd precinct on Tuesday, November 25.  Thousands attended and made the action a smashing success.  Many people have asked "what next?" 

It is SO important that people not just march in the streets but that we take real action to end police brutality. CUAPB has a 14-year history of effective work on this issue:
--Won a class action lawsuit involving 492 cases that resulted in Minneapolis cops getting cameras in their squad cars
--Took a case to the US appeals court that secured the right of people everywhere to film police
--Caused brutal metro gang strike force cop Greg Burstad to be out of work for a year, giving the Latino and Black communities of Brooklyn Park a lot of relief. When he didn't fire Burstad, we ran the BKP police chief out of office.
--Use the data practices act extensively to gather data on police brutality complaints and successfully sued Minneapolis to make those complaints public.
--Cop watch regularly and teach people in various communities how to document police conduct.
--Teach Know Your Rights trainings to all kinds of people in all kinds of settings.
--Provide a 24-hour hotline, line people up with lawyers, secure evidence, go to court with people, and provide advocacy for people dealing with the effects of police brutality.
--Working HARD to get thousands of signatures to put a measure on the ballot that would require cops to carry their own professional liability insurance.

These things are not as "sexy" as marching in the street BUT they are highly effective. We invite you to get involved in the ongoing work that will actually take on the police policies and practices that enable police brutality to occur.

If you truly care about this issue, show it! We meet every Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at 4200 Cedar, Minneapolis. Join us!

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