12/4/2010 Newsletter


  • CUAPB 10th Anniversary Celebration


It's rare for an all-volunteer grassroots organization to last for ten years, let alone thrive and be responsible for an impressive list of achievements.  For ten years, CUAPB has held weekly meetings, run a 24-hour hotline, attended hundreds of court hearings, successfully litigated cases of our own, testified in front of many government bodies, held tons of protests, trained thousand of people in their rights, shot hundreds of hours of copwatch footage, and generally moved heaven and earth to end police brutality and make police more accountable to the community.  Come help us celebrate the last ten years and look ahead to the next ten years.

CUAPB 10th Anniversary Dinner
Saturday, December 18 at 5:30 p.m.
Walker Church
3104 16th Avenue South, Minneapolis
Event is free, though donations will be gratefully accepted

Keynote speaker for this event will be Samuel Clark, a former police lieutenant and veteran officer of over 25 years, who was himself brutalized by fellow officers.  After reporting the brutality, he experienced harsh retaliation and reprisals.  He worked with other officers to uncover and expose corruption and misconduct in the Newark, NJ police department and was fired as a result.  He has written two books on his own experiences and on holding police accountable.  Both books--Criminal Cops (2005) and Total Misconduct (2007)--feature the work of CUAPB.  In a review of Total Misconduct, Leon Grauer, a defense attorney and former internal affairs prosecutor wrote, "Never before has the systemic culture of police misconduct been so thoroughly described.   Lieutenant Clark's experiences and observations show why it will take a virtual revolution in police administration to change the ongoing culture of racism and corruption that plagues so many police departments."  Now retired, Clark testifies in court cases involving police misconduct and provides assistance to people who have been abused by police.

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