2/6/2004 Newsletter


  • Federal Marshals Enter Home of Local Activist

We received the following information from Chris Nissan, long-time local activist in police brutality and other movements. This visit from the Feds, who appear to have entered his apartment without a warrant, is a serious matter. Please consider attending the meeting they have called on Saturday (which follows the 1:30 p.m. CUAPB meeting).
A little after 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 4th, I was confronted by two Federal Marshals who entered my apartment with automatic pistols aimed directly at me and they ordered me to place my hands up on the wall. The marshals said they were looking for someone in this (my) apartment who was wanted on a felony warrant. The marshals, one black and one white had a master key to my apartment and other apartments given to them by management which they used.

I asked if they had a warrant. The marshals said they did have a warrant. However, each time I requested to see a warrant the marshals responded that the apartment management gave them my apartment location and number. One marshal showed me a paper with a picture of a black man on it, but the paper was not a warrant.

Later, I checked with the apartment management and one of the staff people said they specifically told the marshals that the person they were looking for was in a different apartment in the same building.

Another item. My roommate, Brock Satter, an artist, who traveled legally to Cuba last year to attend a hip-hop music conference, was in the apartment when the marshals intruded. Satter had received a letter from the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control wanting to know about his travels to Cuba.

I and Satter are seeking legal advice and have called a community meeting to discuss the attack on our rights and to formulate a community response.

The meeting will be held this Saturday, February 8, 4pm, at the Zion Baptist Church, 621 Elwood Ave (Corner of Olson Highway and James Ave), North Minneapolis.

For more info feel free to call me or Brock at 612-529-6674.

Communities United Against Police Brutality
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