3/9/2014 Newsletter


  • Announcement of the Sudden Passing of CUAPB Vice-President Darryl Robinson

Darryl M. Robinson, Presente!

It is with very deep sadness that we announce the sudden passing of longtime friend and CUAPB vice-president Darryl Robinson.  His passing leaves a giant hole in our organization and in the community and we are truly devastated.  Darryl has been solely responsible for the safety of many people along Lake Street and at the homeless shelters downtown through daily copwatch.  He has taught literally thousands of people how to advocate safely and effectively for themselves through know your rights training.  Darryl represented CUAPB at conferences and events around the country and will be remembered by legions of friends and colleagues.  He spent his last days being what he called himself--a freedom fighter: speaking out at the Crystal city council meeting, talking with UofM students with Students United Against Police Brutality and copwatching on Lake Street the night he died.

We are making plans for a memorial event and copwatch to remember Darryl as he lived.  We will announce the plans as soon as they are solidified.  Darryl M. Robinson, presente!

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