4/7/2011 Newsletter


  • The Role of Courts in Society

Monday, April 11
6:30 p.m.
Walker Church
3104 16th Ave S, Minneapolis

Courts are simultaneously the gateway to prisons and jails and, for some, the only real means to achieve justice after an incident of police brutality.  Continuing the series we started last year with the successful event The Role of Police in Society, we will examine the role of the courts in society.  Topics will include the role of grand juries, plea bargaining, racism and privilege in court proceedings, court fees as a barrier to justice, misuse of the court system to cover up police misconduct, alternatives to courts, judges and juries.

Speakers include:

Jill Clark, civil rights attorney
Robin Magee, Hamline law professor who focuses on criminal, race and police law
Dale Nathan, Author of Minnesota Injustice
Michael Cavlan, activist

The US Supreme Court ruling last year that corporations have the same rights as people illustrated clearly the impact courts can have on our daily lives. Come and be part of this important discussion.

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