5/26/2004 Newsletter


  • Breaking News: Jenkins Family Attacked Again--Willie Jenkins Beaten by Cops at School

As this editor was writing the next edition of the newsletter, which will provide extensive coverage of the Philander Jenkins case and other cases, we got word of yet another serious attack on the Jenkins family.

Regular readers of this newsletter may recall that Philander Jenkins is a young man whose jaw was shattered by Minneapolis police. In an effort to cover for their brutality, MPD has brought baseless charges against Philander. While in the Hennepin County jail awaiting trial on one of these cases, Philander was attacked and sexually assaulted by jail staff. As a result of filing an internal complaint in the jail, Philander has now been charged with filing a "false" report. More on that case later.

In the meantime, Philander was charged with robbing a cafe however there is extensive exculpatory evidence (evidence that proves he didn't do it). Among that evidence are alibi witnesses who are able to show he wasn't even at the scene of the robbery. One of these witnesses is his younger brother, Willie.

Out of concern for Willie's safety, Philander's attorneys did not reveal that Willie is an alibi witness to the prosecution until the end of last week. Bear in mind that police have already attacked Philander's mother, Brenda, and her significant other in their home. It turns out that Philander's attorneys had every reason to be concerned. As Willie was walking down the hallway at his high school yesterday morning, he was grabbed by the MPD cop on duty at his school, pepper sprayed and beaten. Interestingly, as other police officers arrived on the scene, this cop stopped beating Willie. Willie was then arrested and taken to juvenile detention.

We worked quickly to ensure that Willie's mother was able to see him at the juvenile detention center last night and that photographic evidence of his injuries was secured. This was no small matter, as JD staff have a lot of rules that seem to ensure that parents will see their children only after they have been cleaned up. Our camera was referred to as "contraband" though it did not appear on the official list of prohibited items. Despite this, we were eventually successful in getting pictures out of the detention center and these pictures of his injuries are truly alarming.

Willie has significant bruising and swelling of his cheeks and eye areas, broken vessels in one eye, a large lump behind his ear and a clump of hair was torn from the back of his head. After the attack, he was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center but was in and out of the emergency room in about 20 minutes--that must be some kind of a record. Certainly he could not have had much in the way of an examination. Despite obvious head trauma, he received no x-rays.

Willie has been charged with obstructing legal process with force (the favorite charge brutal cops put on their victims) and he appears in juvenile court this morning. The goal now is to get him out of juvenile detention so that he can get proper medical care.

At this point, we aren't asking you to take any actions. However, we wanted to notify you of the situation in case urgent action is needed later. Much will depend on what happens in court this morning. We will keep you informed of the situation as it develops.

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