7/10/2003 Newsletter


  • Jenkins Family Case and Update
  • INS/MPD Separation Ordinance

Philander Jenkins, a 19-year-old, was visiting friends when police conducted a raid on the house he was visiting. Police hand cuffed everyone in the home. They left the women in the house alone while they searched. However, for Phil and the other male in the house, they threw them to the ground and beat and kicked them while they were hand cuffed. Phil suffered from a shattered jaw. He was then taken to jail and denied access to medical care FOR TWO WEEKS. His mother was eventually able to get her son released into her care and he had surgery to rebreak his jaw and replace parts of it with metal plates.

One of the conditions of Phil's release is that he attend a program at a social service agency. Phil recently got a job with hours that conflict with the agency's hours. He explained this to the agency workers. Nonetheless, a warrant was issued for his arrest when he missed a session at the agency.

Police showed up at the home of Brenda Jenkins, Phil's mother, yesterday morning. Even though her son does not live with her and even though she was not named in the warrant, police roughly arrested her and her fiance, William Neal. Brenda called our hotline from her cell phone while being arrested and the sounds during the call were alarming.

Brenda, along with her fiance, were taken to jail yesterday morning. Her fiance has been charged with Obstructing Legal Process and released. He has a court date of July 16 at 9:00 a.m. Brenda is being held while they decide what to charge her with. They could hold her until tomorrow (Friday) at noon. Part of their reason for holding her longer is that she refused to speak unless her attorney was present, and they hate it when people assert their rights. Her attorney has seen her in jail and she has scrapes and bumps but is otherwise okay. Given the poor treatment her son received at that same jail, we want to make sure she comes out of jail in the same condition she went in.

PLEASE, PLEASE call the Hennepin County jail (adult detention center) at 612-348-5112. Ask about the status of Brenda Jenkins, when she will be charged, what she will be charged with, etc. Tell them that you are calling because you are concerned about her well being. PLEASE DO THIS TODAY. We know from experience that these calls keep people safe and get them out of jail sooner.

Also, please consider coming to court on July 16 at 9:00 a.m. for William Neal's arraignment. We will let you know about any court dates for Brenda Jenkins.


Despite the big production cops made over arresting her on a warrant for someone else, we just got word that Brenda Jenkins was released from jail this afternoon--with no charges! The city attorney's office may still decide to charge her later, but for now she is free.

Thanks to everyone who jumped on the phones and called the jail today. Jail personnel indicated they had heard from a lot of people. We think the pressure helped them to "decide" to turn Brenda loose today (when they could have held her until noon tomorrow) and not to charge her with anything.

Brenda's fiance, William Neal, is still scheduled to be arraigned on July 16th at 9:00 a.m. at the Hennepin County Government Center and it would be good if folks were able to be there to support him.

Friday, July 11
9:30 a.m.
City Hall
Room 317
July 11 --- Juulaay 11 keeda --- 11 Julio
The day we help put liberty & justice for all back on America's agenda!

The Minneapolis City Council is poised to take an important stand against racial, national, and religious profiling by adopting the INS/City Separation Ordinance. In adopting the Ordinance the City Council will reassert the principle and practice of local control in the face of the Bush Administration's desire to enlist city employees in its anti-immigrant policies.

What the Ordinance Does: The Ordinance ensures that immigrants can contact city employees about City service matters (police, fire, housing inspections, etc.) without fear of being interrogated about their immigration status or being reported to federal immigration officials.

As immigrant community members have persuasively argued with a united voice, allowing all city residents equal access to public safety and city services without regard to immigration status enhances the public safety of everyone.

Action on July 11: On the morning of July 11, 2003, the Minneapolis City Council will receive a positive recommendation from its Health & Human Services Committee and vote on the INS/City Separation Ordinance. The Ordinance makes clear that City employees will not act as intelligence agents or enforcement arms for the Bush/Ashcroft Administration's anti-immigrant policies. All persons who will benefit from this Ordinance (all of us who love liberty and justice!) are encouraged to attend this historic moment in our City's history.

Ordinance supporters will gather at 9:00AM on Friday July 11 for a brief rally at the Hubert Humphrey Statute at Minneapolis City Hall's 5th Street entrance and then move together to the Council Chambers, Room 317 for the historic vote at 9:30AM. Please attend & vote with your heart, feet, and vibrant presence!

Communities United Against Police Brutality
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