8/3/2013 Newsletter


  • Support Rally for Honest Cops
  • National Night Out Petition Signature Gathering
CALL FOR BACKUP: Support Rally for Sgt. Erkenbrack and Ofc. Watt
Monday, August 5
6:00 p.m.
Crystal City Hall
4141 Douglas Drive North

We have been working with Crystal residents to spread the word about the illegal retaliation being experienced by two honest cops, Sgt. Rob Erkenbrack and Ofc. Alan Watt after they spoke out in favor of an investigation into the theft of the Ramirez family's home and property.  This incident happened in Crystal and involved Brooklyn Park cop Greg Burstad.  For a great explanation of this whole situation including other corruption reported by these honest cops, see the Justice for Crystal Cops Alan Watt and Rob Erkenbrack website.

Monday will be the next Crystal city council meeting.  Join us for a support rally for Erkenbrack and Watt at city hall before the council meeting, then stay and speak out at the meeting.

We were at the last council meeting and they told us that what is happening to Rob and Alan is a “personnel matter.” They also told us they would not order an investigation into the Ramirez incident because “we don’t have enough information” despite us giving them reams of documentation.

Let’s let council members know that illegal retaliation by the chief is NOT a personnel matter–it is a crime. Demand they put a stop to it now. Let’s also make it clear that the only way the council will ever get information about the Ramirez incident is to order an independent investigation by an outside law enforcement agency. The Ramirez family and all other Crystal residents deserve no less.

National Night Out Charter Amendment Petition Gathering
Tuesday, August 6
Starting at 4 p.m.
Meet at The Churchill, 111 Marquette, downtown Minneapolis

We are working hard to gather the 15,000 signatures needed on our charter amendment petition to require Minneapolis cops to have their own professional liability insurance.  National Night Out is a great opportunity to educate large groups of engaged Minneapolis voters and get their signatures.

We'll meet in the community room at The Churchill apartment building in downtown Minneapolis, starting at 4 p.m. with supplies and training on how to talk about the petition and gather signatures.  From there, we'll send people out in teams to gather signatures at key National Night Out events.  We'll be there throughout the evening so even if you can't come until later, please come by and get petitions and flyers to take to your own National Night Out event or join a team and cover another event.

Please join us! This is a golden opportunity to collect large numbers of signatures and we really need YOUR help to make this night a success.

Communities United Against Police Brutality
4200 Cedar Avenue South, Suite 5
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
Hotline: 612-874-7867
We meet every Saturday at 1:30 p.m.--join us!

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