6/13/2009 Newsletter


  • Update on Juneteenth
  • Public Hearing on MPD Brutality and Misconduct


We just learned from organizers that the Juneteenth festival will be back at Theodore Wirth park, not Boom Island. The city of Minneapolis rejected a bid by festival planners to move the event to Boom Island. In a piece in Independent Business News Network Mary Pargo, executive director of Twin Cities Juneteenth Celebration, is quoted as saying "We were the last to find out about the decision to not let this celebration take place at Boom Island. We had planned this down to the wire and spent dollars to insure we sent the right message to the Twin Cities community. Now we have to start all over.” http://ibnn.org/?cat=586

Please join us at Theo Wirth Park starting at 11:00 a.m. to help with our booth. This is one of our most important events of the year--we meet thousands of wonderful people and educate them about their rights, our organization and how they can get involved.


Monday, June 15
6:00 p.m.
Minneapolis Urban League, 2100 Plymouth Avenue

It has become apparent that Minneapolis police are out of control. There have been multiple killings of community members in outrageous circumstances over the last few years. Just in the last few months, calls to our hotline have shot up sharply and are filled with horrific tales of abuse. Between the defanging of the Minneapolis civilian review authority, the abuses of the gang strike task force and the utter lack of willingness on the part of the mayor and city council to hold this police force accountable, local control of the police no longer seems possible. We are gathering testimony for the purpose of seeking federal receivership of the Minneapolis police department. Come and share your story with the community for the purpose of seeking justice.

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