4/27/2008 Newsletter


  • Rally for Justice for Paul and Mary
  • March for Immigrant Rights
  • Next Step in the Fight for Free Speech
  • A Different Take on the Bell Case
  • Citizenship Rule Costs States Millions but Nets Few
  • ICE Deports US Citizens
  • Perfectly Legal Immigrants, Until they Applied for Citizenship
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4/20/2008 Newsletter


  • Keep Up the Fight for Free Speech
  • CUAPB Statements on Permits for Free Speech
  • Official Channels for Police Accountability Nearly Non-Existent in Minneapolis
  • Critical Mass: Not Guilty
  • Brooklyn Park Police Treatment of Youth and People of Color Protested
  • Police State Update: The War of Error
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4/13/2008 Newsletter


  • Homeless People Under Attack--Time to Fight Back!
  • Homers vs. Homeless
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4/7/2008 Newsletter


  • City Pulling Funny Business: Free Speech Under Attack!
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3/18/2008 Newsletter


  • Mayday! Free Speech Under Attack! Attend "Free Speech" Working Group Meeting
  • Stand Up with Brooklyn Park Youth Under Attack
  • Book Reading--The Lyncher in Me: A Search for Redemption in the Face of History
  • CUAPB to Receive NLG Social Justice Award
  • RNC Welcoming Committee Orders Tasers for Every Protester
  • New Study: 1 in 100 US Adults Behind Bars
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2/6/2008 Newsletter


  • Join CUAPB at Second Chance Day on the Hill
  • For our Families, Communities and Public Safety, Give Ex-offenders a Second Chance
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1/7/2008 Newsletter


  • Demetrius Cooper Court Watch
  • CUAPB Report to United Nations
  • CUAPB Taser Data Analysis Shows Disturbing Pattern
  • Black Cop Lawsuit Exposes Deep Layers of MPD Racism
  • Shades of RNC 2008 to Come? MAP Calls Cops on Critics
  • Letter to MAP Supporters
  • St. Paul Police Subpoena Reporter's Cell Phone Records
  • NLG Legal Observer and Videographer Training
  • Resisting the RNC: Minnesota Town Hall Organizing Meeting
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