12/20/2005 Newsletter


  • Minneapolis City Council Hearing on Police Hiring and Diversity
  • Community Lawsuit Goes to Court
  • Annual Dinner a Wonderful Success
  • WHERE'S JUSTICE? Analysis of a Campaign Ad
  • Dancing in the Street Lands Minneapolis Homeless Man in Jail
  • Update on the Police State
    • Bush Vigorously Defends Domestic Spying
    • Agents' Visit Chills UMass Dartmouth Senior
    • Miami Police to Stage Random Shows of Force
    • Good News: Court Limits Cause for Police Searches
  • Two Prisoners Named Williams
  • Lost Innocence: False Charge Altered Boys' Lives
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11/4/2005 Newsletter


  • Local Elections: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
  • Spokesman Recorder: Community Members Say Mediation Agreement Not Working
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11/1/2005 Newsletter


  • Community Forum on "False Reporting
  • Walter Collins Case Update
  • David Croud Case Update
  • Good Outcome in Atak Case
  • Real Rosa Parks Story: Movement in Place Before Act
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10/26/2005 Newsletter


  • Know Your Rights Training
  • Community Forum on "False Reporting" Law
  • Court Watch: Demand Justice for Collins Family
  • Justice for David Croud
  • Bush Seizes on Flu Threat to Press for Martial Law Power
  • Terrorists in Diapers? Babies on the No-Fly List
  • The Lighter Side of FBI Surveillance
  • And the Heavier Side: Panthers Still Treated as Nation's 'Greatest Threat to Internal Security
  • Colleges Protest Call to Upgrade Online Systems
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10/19/2005 Newsletter


  • O22 Protest Against Police Brutality
  • Know Your Rights Training
  • CUAPB Litigating "False Reporting" Law
  • Community Forum on "False Reporting" Law
  • Dontay St. James Not Guilty, Now Suing
  • Fed Med About to Crash and Burn
  • Latino Cop Sues for Discrimination
  • Applying the Bennett Rule
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9/10/2005 Newsletter


  • Donte St. James Court Watch
  • Zimmermann Raid: Something Stinks!
  • When Blame Knocks on the Wrong Door
  • Racism, Government Style
  • Tim Wise: Of Disasters, Natural and Otherwise
  • New Orleans Becomes a War Zone: A Dress Rehearsal for Martial Law?
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8/11/2005 Newsletter


  • Stolen Lives Film Every Mother's Son Nominated for Emmy
  • New MN Law Criminalizes Reporting Police Brutality
  • McManus' Failure to Discipline Ensures Lack of Accountability
  • Role of Local Media in Police Incidents


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7/24/2005 Newsletter


  • Sad News: Seth Garwood
  • Patrick Fearing Court Watch
  • Victory in Edwin Perkins Case
  • Victory in Philander Jenkins Case
  • Upcoming Events
  • CRA Posts Complaint Stats on Website
  • Spokesman Recorder: Upswing in Police Officer Violations
  • Scientists Question Safety of Star Wars Ray Gun Planned For Use In Iraq
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7/6/2005 Newsletter


  • Night Watch Season
  • Salute to Local Defenders of Freedom Event
  • MPD vs Park Police
  • More on Terrell's Terrible Attack on Youth
  • Breaching the Blue Wall of Silence
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6/19/2005 Newsletter


  • Union Organizer Charged in General College Protest: Stand with Phyllis Walker
  • MPD Cops "Show their Backsides" at Juneteenth Festival
  • Hennepin County Judge Pleads Guilty to Drunk Driving
  • Branding Youth of Color as "Domestic Terrorists"
  • The Real Domestic Terrorists: White Supremacists
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