5/11/2010 Newsletter


  • Appeal in Fong Lee Case
  • Courtwatch for Paul Hansen
  • Courtwatch for RNC 8
  • Volunteers Needed for Charter Amendment
  • Court Requires Dolan to Follow the Law
  • On Eve of Fong Lee Appeal: Killer Cop Put Back on the Force
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3/21/2010 Newsletter


  • Petitions on Future of CRA
  • Community Forum on the Future of the CRA
  • Public Hearing on CRA Board Member Appointments
  • Next CRA Board Meeting
  • Police Complaints Case Oral Arguments
  • Cyberspying: Feds Use Social Networking Sites to Spy on Activists, Others
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3/15/2010 Newsletter


  • Another Bad Bill to Stop: SF3163/HF3651
  • CRA Saga Continues: Bellfield Must Go!
  • Community Forum on the Future of the CRA
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3/12/2010 Newsletter


  • Thanks to you, HF2609 is Dead
  • Last Shot to Challenge Dolan's Reappointment
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3/9/2010 Newsletter


  • Stand Up Against Bill to Eliminate Access to Complaint Data
  • Courtwatch: Police Complaints Case Oral Arguments
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2/22/2010 Newsletter


  • Legal Update on the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • Calendar of Events with Dhoruba Bin-Wahad
  • Community Forum on Reappointment of Minneapolis Police Chief Dolan
  • Public Hearing on the Reappointment of Chief Dolan
  • CRA Board Meeting
  • CRA Saga: Board Bows to Power Structure, CUAPB Takes Legal Action
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2/17/2010 Newsletter


  • Media Release: Court Orders CRA Chair to Follow the Law
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2/1/2010 Newsletter


  • RNC 8 Hearing
  • Exercising Free Speech Leads to Threats Against CRA Board Member Dave Bicking
  • Bob Herbert: Howard Zinn--A Radical Treasure
  • Open Letter to the Community from the RNC 8
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1/5/2010 Newsletter


  • Happy New Year: 2009 Was Busy in CUAPB Land
  • Courtwatch: Robert Palmer Free Speech Case
  • CRA Community Forum on Assessing the Performance of Chief Dolan
  • Irish Ceili to Benefit the RNC 8
  • Free Speech: Pittsburgh Man Gives Cop Middle Finger, Gets $50,000
  • Privacy Rights: Cellphone Searches
  • Shades of Post RNC: DC Agrees to Pay $13M Over Arrests of Protesters
  • Sick Cop: Court Says Mpls. Officer Went Too Far in Fondling During Prostitution Sting
  • Colbert Makes Comic Fodder of Minneapolis Cops in Recent Taser Incident
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