7/6/2012 Newsletter


  • CUAPB Meetings Move to New Space
  • Club Closing Copwatch Kickoff
  • Fun Day Fundraiser a Great Success--Thanks!
  • Authorities Beef Up Patrols During Bar Closing Time in Downtown Mpls
  • Baltimore Woman, 90, Locks Police Officer in Basement, Wins $95,000 Settlement
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6/26/2012 Newsletter


  • Fun Day Fundraiser and Barbeque: Help CUAPB Get a New Office
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5/31/2012 Newsletter


  • CUAPB Office Destroyed in Walker Church Fire
  • Press Conference: Walker Church Tenants Demand Answers
  • Antiwar Activist Mom Gets the Best of the FBI
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5/28/2012 Newsletter


  • Emergency Meeting Re: Walker Church Fire
  • Community Dinner at Walker Church Site
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4/8/2012 Newsletter


  • The Black Robe Mafia: Community Forum on Judicial Accountability
  • Community Forum on Minneapolis CRA
  • March for Immigrant and Worker Rights
  • Minneapolis CRA: Down for the Count?
  • New Law Throws Minneapolis Police Oversight in Turmoil
  • Go to Trial: Crash the Justice System
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3/4/2012 Newsletter


  • Stop the Gutting of Independent Police Oversight
  • Copwatch Training
  • Judicial Election Empowerment Project (JEEP) Meeting
  • Cut the CRA(p): Community Forum on the Future of the CRA
  • MPD Could Join [Take Over] Oversight
  • Bills Would "Reign In" Police Review
  • Vermont Inmates Hide Pig in Official Police Car Decal
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1/3/2012 Newsletter


  • Occupy the CRA: No Impunity for Chief Dolan!
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