4/3/2006 Newsletter


  • Community Forum on "False Reporting" Law
  • Requiem for a Lightweight: McManus Departs
  • Fridley Cops Racially Profile, Harass Patrons of Sharx Nightclub
  • Strib: Ramsey Sergeant Charged with Stealing $200,000
  • Judges on Secretive Panel Speak Out on Spy Program
  • Supremes Appear Unhappy with Bush's War Powers Abuses
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2/15/2006 Newsletter


  • Update on Class Action Suit
  • City Screws Community on CRA and Tasers--All in One Meeting
  • Study Raises Concerns Over Tasers' Safety
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2/13/2006 Newsletter


  • Class Action Lawsuit in Court
  • Public Hearing on MPD Taser Purchase
  • Thomas Evanstad Court Watch
  • Lennie Senter Court Watch
  • Misusing the Courts to Punish Complainers and Protect Brutal Cops
  • Surveillance Prompts a Suit: Police v. Police
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1/25/2006 Newsletters


  • Class Action Suit in Court
  • Public Hearing on MPD Taser Purchase
  • Deputy Attempts to Plant Drugs on Police Brutality Survivor in Open Court
  • Police and Politics Intrude on City Attorney Confirmation
  • Mayday on Awards for Killer Cops
  • Police Chief's Home Torched After Man Dies in Custody
  • Unfathomed Dangers in Patriot Act Reauthorization
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